Day/TimeEarly MorningLate MorningLunchtimeEarly EveningYoga/Pilates
Monday06.30-07.15 HIIT09.30-10.15 S&C12.30-13.15 CORE18.00-18.45 COMBO19.00-20.00
Tuesday07.15-08.00 COMBO09.30-10.15 HIIT12.30-13.15 S&C18.00-18.45 CORE19.00-20.00
Wednesday06.30-07.15 S&C09.30-10.15 CORE12.30-13.15 HIIT18.00-18.45 COMBO19.00-20.00
Thursday07.15-08.00 HIIT09.30-10.15 S&C12.30-13.15 CORE18.00-18.45 S&C19.00-20.00
Friday06.30-07.15 S&C09.30-10.15 HIIT12.30-13.15 COMBO
Saturday08.45-09.30 COMBO + Run Club09.30-10.15 COMBO10.30-11.30
Off Peaks Hours (Monday-Friday)07.30 - 09.0010.30 - 12.0013.30-15.00

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A fast paced Circuit class guaranteed to make you sweat! Focused around your bodyweight, CV machines and use of lighter weights.

S & C – Whole body strength and conditioning: A slower paced class with a stronger emphasis on Lifting techniques and resistance work, but don’t be fooled, you will still get your sweat on and leave feeling completely worked in all areas of your body.

The Combo: Here we combine a mixture of HIIT and S&C, a mix of cardio and resistance work that will target your whole body.

Core Focus: Again, a much slower paced class with full emphasis on hitting your core. You are unlikely to leave your mat for the entirety of the class, but will leave feeling like you have developed a more efficient and supportive core.

Run Club: Choose either a 5km or 10km hike/run. We provide a pacer and a map and the rest is down to you to navigate your way around our unique course.